When you need a Gas Fir​epla​ce service or repair in Boise, Call A Unique Heating and Air Co

Your Gas Fireplace should be Cozy, not scary. ​When your pilot will not stay lit or the flames will not ignite properly, don’t take a chance that gas or carbon monoxide may be escaping into the room. Call to schedule a gas fireplace repair or service and let our professional technicians evaluate your problem. In Boise, Eagle and the Treasure Valley, A Unique Heating and Air Co. is available to ensure the safe operation and efficiency of your gas fireplace most anytime.

Gas Fireplaces should be maintained on a regular schedule, just like any other heating equipment . Routine maintenance will help prevent unwanted failures and extend the life of your fireplace. The best time to have your fireplace serviced is in the fall, before the cold weather of winter arrives, or in the spring when the weather is warming up and your finished using it for the season. Have it done the same time you have your furnace or air conditioner serviced.

If your selling your home, A Unique Heating and Air Co. will be happy to ensure that your fireplace and it’s built-in safety features are functioning properly. Polishing the glass and cleaning the pilot will enhance the appearance and value of your property. Our technicians can remedy problems with your blower motor or fans as well. Call us if you have any questions about gas fireplace repair. In Boise, Meridian, Eagle and Nampa areas home buyers often list a working fireplace as an item of interest when purchasing a home.
Make sure yours is working properly and thus, adding real value to your home.